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Department of Turkish language and literature (DTRL)


Department Objectives: 


Curriculum Development: 



The duration of the study in the department is four academic years, and students graduate with BA in Turkish. The academic year starts in mid September and ends in mid June. 

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Learning Outcomes: 


Study Methods:

It varies from course modules to course modules, but in general it consist of lecture, reports writing and and practical sessions as well as compulsory internship with related industry...

Language :

Language of education in general at this department are Kurdish and Turkish in course modules.
Program Course Modules thought at the Department

The following link provide a full list of Course Modules provided at this department. Each course has an standard course module code which is hyperlinked to its dedicated website for full details information on that particular course. Please note that on each course modules website you will also directed to Academic Profile of the lecturer providing the course. 

Course Modules thoughts at DTRL:

Academic staff

Department's Contact Information

You can visit or communication with our departments via one of these methods, 


Department of Turkish language and Literature
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Koya University
University Park
Danielle Mitterrand Boulevard
Koya KOY45
Kurdistan Region - F.R. Iraq

Tel/Mobile: +964.xxxxxx
E-mail: fhss.dtrl@koyauniversity.org
URL: koya.university

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