The Dean

Dean of the Faculty


Dear academic staff and employees of the different departments of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, and dear students of these departments: 

May the Peace of God be upon you,
It is a great honor for me to take over the position of the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and to be assigned the responsibility of managing and forwarding the academic affairs of this faculty. This academic institution is a focal point for knowledge and information and for learning; it is a bridge that connects the different cultures and civilizations of the world and of humanity and it serves as a practical factor for the development and advancement of society. 

As I see it, the position of a dean is a great responsibility and a national duty and it is by no means easy; therefore, in order to perform this sacred task in the best way, we need to cooperate and concentrate our efforts and to contribute our time and skills. We need to work as one team to take the academic process forward in all the departments and to establish links and develop relations between our faculty departments and the community so as to achieve our ultimate aim which is serving our people and our homeland and the entire humanity.

May God Support us all.

Thank you to all

Shwan Omer Khudhur
The Dean

وتەى راگرى فاكەڵتى زانستە كۆمەڵايەتى 

             و مرۆڤايەتييەكان

بەرێزان ئەندامانى دەستەى وانەووتنەوە، فەرمانبەرانى ئازيز، خوێندكارانى خۆشەويستى سەرجەم بەشەكانى فاكەلتى زانستە مرۆڤايەتى و كۆمەڵايەتيەكان.

 سڵاوى خواى گەورەتان لێبێت...

بەخۆشحاڵيەوە ئەركى ڕاگرايەتى و بەردەوامى دان بەڕەوڕەوەى خزمەتى زانستى لە فاكەڵتى زانستەمرۆڤايەتى و كۆمەڵايەتيەكان بە من سپێردراوە، ئەم دەزگا ئەكاديميەى كە شوێنێكى سەرەكيە بۆ زانست و زانيارى و فێربوون، پردێكە بۆ پەيوەندى لە نێوان ڕۆشنبيرى و شارستانيەتە جياوازەكانى جيهان و مرۆڤايەتى، وە هۆكارى كاراى پێشكەوتنى كۆمەڵگايە.

 لەديدى من بەڕێوەبردنى كارى ڕاگرايەتى بەر لەهەر شتێك بەرپرسيارتى و ئەركە، بەڵكو ئەركێكى نيشتمانى قورس و پيرۆزە. بۆيە لەپێناو جێبەجێ كردنى ئەم ئەركە بەباشترين شێوە خوازيارم هەرهەموومان هاوكارو هەماهەنگ بين و تەواوى كات و تواناو شارەزايى خۆمان تەرخان بكەين، بەيەكەوە دەست لەناو دەست وەكو يەك تيم دڵسۆزانە كاربكەين لەپێناو برەو دان و بەرەو پێشبردنى پرۆسەى زانستى لەسەرجەم بەشەكانى فاكەلتى، وە بەستنەوەى بەشەكانى فاكەڵتيمان بەكۆمەڵگا، بەمەبەستى خزمەت كردنى خەڵك و خاك و نيشتمان و تەواوى مرۆڤايەتى.


 خواى گەورە هاوكارو پشت و پەنامان بێت...

سوپاسی هەموو لایەکتان دەکەم

شوان عمر خضر