Departments of FHSS
For undergraduate students, faculty of Humanities and social science offers the following programs and modules:
Current students have engaged in one the above mentioned programs only, and when they graduate the alumni students award a bachelor degree in  the field they studied. Although, students will be engaged only in one study’s program, there are some common requirements. Among these requirements; Final Year Project and Summer Training Courses are most important ones. 
These two requirements provide skills and experiences to graduate students and make them more ready to work in fields and markets. They support them to get more information about problems that more frequently occur in their concerned fields and the stat of the art of the markets.

Our faculty comprises of the departments of Law, Administration & Economy, and English Language, which are shown below:  
Administration and Economy

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بۆ زمانی کوردی کلیک لێرە بکە
English Language 

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