Department of Administration and Accounting 

24  Academic staff

162 B.Sc. Students 

40  B.Sc. Modules

The Department of Administration & Accounting at Koya University offers an excellent environment to study three branches Accounting ,Administration and Economic and its applications.

It is one of three departments making up Faculty of Humanity and Social Science, The Department of Administration & Economy was established in Aug 2009 to meet the accelerating needs of the community in various fields. The aims of the Department focus on:

“To excel in preparing students who are knowledgeable in the use of conceptual, theoretical and practical applications of financial and non-financial information to reach successful business solutions and while producing students who are of high quality in generating knowledge through research.”

“To recognize the Department’s role in the society by assisting students through providing high quality education as they prepare for successful careers in the accounting, Administration & Economic profession. The Department also strives to advance education and knowledge through research and other activities.”

Academic Staff